Real estates related services purchase contracts, Cadaster registration, forensic reports arrangements services provided primarily to our company's clients Residency permits - administration of legal documents required by the Immigration officers consulting, arrangement and documents processing when applying for a residency permit in the Czech Republic documents translations and forensic interpreting Subsidies-related services at present, these services are provided only to the clients of our company according to their demands Other services unabridged services while negotiating with authorities and bureaus employee recruitment services assistance with opening a bank account information and assistance with establishing a company and arrangement of a trade licence in Austria, contact on a local accounting and tax agency other services on customer's demand
© MePoS GmbH; +420 384 420 155,  Establishment of companies and related services   free introductory consulting consulting for Czech and foreign businessmen documents processing for notarial certificate and arrangement of a notary and forensic interpreter common agreement and founding deeds arrangements papers and documents processing essential for Business Register registration (incl. a motion for the BR registration) documents arrangements and processing essential for Trade Bureau when applying for a trade licence or trading certificate assistance with arranging a residency permit other services related to the establishment of a company according to clients' demands arrangement of the registration with the apropriate Treasury authority if requested, we will arrange an official company address translations and interpreting acting for you while dealing with authorities and bureaus other services on customer's demand